Protein bars - Testers reveal the secret!

The reviews are based on my experience, my observations, and other people's experience. Some are based on research done by experts in the field. I have used several protein bars and they are good for the most part. I can provide specific recommendations, so take the information on this page with a grain of salt. But if you want to use my ratings with confidence, you should see what I have to say about each brand.

I also have reviewed the following:

If you want to know about protein bars that are "good" or "bad", this is the place to start. Here are a few general principles that have led me to make my choices: Good protein bars are: Rich. Most are made with soybean or rice proteins. For those who want a protein bar with a bit of protein, there is one option that works well. It is the Chia/Oat Protein Blend. Some brands are not made with the high-quality chia seeds. Other brands are soy-based, but contain no whey or whey protein (also known as whey isolate), instead they use whey. They usually don't contain any casein (milk protein). The casein in whey is added as a water soluble, non-digestible part of the protein.

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